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About Us

Silk Krypto is an advisory firm that supports start-ups and corporations to mobilize blockchain technology across the globe. We provide technical, legal, and marketing advisory services for blockchain-related enterprises. By incorporating legal expertise, in-depth business knowledge, and technical proficiency, our team can help you create effective strategies to implement your blockchain initiatives.


Assuring Compliance

Navigating ever-changing regulations can be a tricky endeavor. Our team of experts can help you formulate legal structures, resilient to regulatory requirements in different jurisdictions.

Ensuring Effective Marketing

From creating eye-catching whitepapers to fostering a robust community, we know how to get the message across. Our marketing team provides world-class promotional materials tailored to your target audience.

Building Blockchain

We bring blockchain to your business. With extensive experience in blockchain consultancy, our team produces effective strategies to meet your enterprise’s vision, from ideation to completion.

Token Economics

Effectively executing blockchain technology involves making key decisions about the design and implementation of the venture’s economic system. We design viable token economic models that suit your business requirements.


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Chief Project Manager

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Content Writer


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